Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits

The fee for our in studio headshot session is £180 per person.

Each person will receive all of their images in high resolution and a copy in B&W.  Each person then can choose which headshot they would like retouched. The price assumes the shoot will take place at our studio located in Epsom, Surrey.

On Location Headshots

For clients and busy professionals who do not have the time to come to me I offer on location headshot sessions where I come to you and set up a studio please contact me for prices.

Professional Headshots in South London

My headshots are competitively priced as I work from my own South London studio (not because I work in the local park as some do!) Fresh coffee, tea and a biscuit or two are all included. There is no time limit on a session but an average each shoot takes around 2 hours. This means we get to do lots of moods and backgrounds.

Even if it is raining we can still do ‘outdoor’ shots as you will be under cover at the back of the studio. No headshot session is the same as I tailor each session to your specific casting requirements. My private South London home studio has many options: strobes, Canon speedlite’s and natural light and sometimes a mix of all three. So all bases are covered to get that perfect headshot.


Getting new headshots can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Get your preparation done before hand and getting into the right mind set before the shoot is the building blocks of achieving the perfect headshot that represents you and opens doors. So here are some tips on preparing for a successful headshot session.

1. The night before grab an early night so you arrive to the session well rested and fresh.

2. Arrive on time, being stressed and flustered is not a great way to start so check routes, especially TFL the day before.

3. If you want to get your haircut make sure it is a few days before the session so it gives it time to grow and settle.

4. Practice looking at different sides of you face in the mirror and making various expressions. This will really help you get warmed up before your headshots and used to seeing yourself.   You could even get a friend to take a few snaps of you on their phone.

5. Avoid smoking and alcohol prior to the shoot and drink lots of water to day before to make your skin look its best.

6. My sessions are relaxed and fun.   There will be some great tunes playing and lots of fresh coffee and tea so don’t be nervous just be yourself and that is when you are most photogenic.


Very happy with the photo shoot. James is very good at making you feel comfortable.  I have some incredible headshots.

Maria Pavlovich

James is very professional, he produced top quality headshots and makes you feel very comfortable in the studio.

Kyle Taylor

Delighted with the photos from James, he supplied me with a superb range of images that look fantastic.

Susie Williams


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