I have been lucky to work with some amazing talent over the last 15 years and to see their careers go from strength to strength. One of the most important aspects of a headshot is that it is a true and honest representation of you. The biggest mistake many people make is using a headshot that over glamorizes and does not look like the real you. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career I want to give you the best casting headshot to get you noticed and ultimately cast.

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Preparing for a successful Headshot session


All of my headshot sessions start by finding out about you, in particular what your goals are and what kind of casting you want to audition for. My goal is to provide you with so many great headshots you will have a hard choice choosing which one to use.

I shoot a maximum of 3 clients per day so my headshot sessions are relaxed and never rushed. We will be shooting using studio lighting and natural light. Different backgrounds will be used that work with the clothing you have brought and we will try a number of different looks to get the best results. Each person is different so a combination and variation of these elements will be a major factor in achieving the best casting headshot.

Finding the right angle for you is key and we will work on different angles and sides through the session to find the right fit for you. I will direct and guide you through the shoot to help you feel relaxed and laid back.

Throughout the shoot we will take regular breaks and review all of the images as we go. This is a great opportunity to fix things on the spot.

After your headshots I will email you a link where you can download all of your images in high resolution. You will have a fantastic selection to choose from and you can let me know which 3 headshots you would like retouched. From there your casting journey begins!


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